About the Sunshine Coast Volunteer Centre

Our Volunteer Centre began with Sunshine Coast Community Services Society in the 1980′s.  Initially, we were housed within the Inlet Avenue office in Sechelt  and were funded by provincial government grants.  Over the years, staff partnered with individuals to develop many programs on the coast, from ferry ambassadors to bus transporation to friendly visitors for seniors.

Nowadays, we apply annually for gaming grants.  This money enables us to maintain limited service and hours for volunteer referrals and for helping organizations recruit and manage volunteers.   We work with all individuals and agencies from Egmont to Langdale.

In 2004, we moved to our new location inside the Seaside Centre in Sechelt.  We share our space with the Sechelt Visitor Centre.  This works really well for a small rural tourism based region.  In the summer, staff are busy focussing on tourists, and in the remaining months, we are able to concentrate on the community at large.  You would be surprised at the number of visitors who access our visitor centre, then return as newcomers to the coast.  At this point, they want to find out more about the community and learn how to become involved.  Volunteering is always a great way to get connected.  We have all the information they need.

We also have a presence on the board of Volunteer BC, so there is a ready link to other provincial volunteer centres.