Funding Providers

As we continually work to expand the services we provide for non-profit and community-based organizations, we have developed this Funding Providers page.  It holds information on all the wonderful Sunshine Coast organizations that grant money and volunteer hours to local programs and initiatives.

Non-profits who are looking for funding and/or volunteers can search this list to see they are eligible for any of the funding/granting opportunities.

Here’s a great piece on grant stewardship and the importance grantor relationships – How to Get the (Next) Grant: 6 Tips for Successful Stewardship

Good luck!  If you have any questions about any of the grants, don’t hesitate to contact the people  listed.  They welcome your inquiries.

Organization: Sunshine Coast Community Foundation
Phone: 604-741-7360
Annual Granting Total: $30,000 in 2012
Per Grant Maximum: $2,000
Grant Cycle: Spring
Deadline: April 30, 2012
Areas of Interest:
Various – Click for Details

Organization: Community Futures Sunshine Coast
Phone: 604-885-1959
Annual Granting Total: Loans available, grants are rare
Per Grant Maximum: Maximum loan is $ 150,000
Grant Cycle: load applications are accepted monthly
Deadline: year round
Areas of Interest:  We work with non-profit and for-profit organizations and social enterprise ventures

Organization: Music for Youth Grant (Sunshine Coast Community Services)
Phone: 604-885-5881
Annual Granting Total: $500
Per Grant Maximum: $500
Grant Cycle: December
Deadline: Early December
Criteria: Visit Coast Cultural Alliance website.
Areas of Interest: Youth 13 – 19 who play music

Organization: SCRD Grant in Aid
Phone: 604-885-6800
Per Grant Maximum: $5000
Grant Cycle: April – March
Deadline: April 15
Areas of Interest:  3 categories:  Arts and Culture, Sports and Rec., Social/Educational/Environmental/Other.

Organization: District of Sechelt, Grant in Aid
Phone: 604-885-1986
Annual Granting Total: $ 56,500 in 2012
Per Grant Maximum: No maximum
Grant Cycle: January – December
Deadline: January 16
Areas of Interest: 4 categories: Health and Social Services, Cultural Services, Events and Festivals, Youth Activities

Organization: Town of Gibsons, Grants of Assistance
Phone: 604-886-2774
Annual Granting Total: varies
Per Grant Maximum: None.  Requests of over $ 1000 must provide financial statements.
Grant Cycle: March to Sept
Deadline: Sept.
Areas of Interest: See website

Organization: Success by 6 Funding, Sunshine Coast Community Services Society
Sarah Pond, Success by 6 Coordinator
Phone: 604-740-7884
Annual Granting Total: $20,000
Per Grant Maximum: None.
Grant Cycle: May to April
Deadline: April
Areas of Interest: Projects that serve children from 0 to 6 years old.

Organization: Royal Bank of Canada
contact information for the different types of funding are on the website.
Criteria: The Royal Bank’s sponsoring/funding is provided on a national level.  See the website for different areas in which RBC provides support.
Areas of Interest: See website