Volunteer Opportunity: Details

Volunteer Readers

Category: Children and Youth

Organization: Sechelt Community School

Description: To work one on one with children to help them strengthen their literacy skills by being a warm and supportive presense that encourages a love of reading. Volunteers are given basic tools and strategies for helping students to read. 9 volunteers needed for flexible one-hour minimum shifts throughout the week as per the volunteer's availability.

Area: Davis Bay, Kinnickinick, and Wes

Contact Person: Ted Chisholm

Phone Number: 604.989.5365

Email Address: secheltcommunityschools@gmail.co

Notes: Sechelt Community School strives to form partnerships between schools, community agencies and members of our community to create universally accessible recreational, educational and nutrition based activities and programs to support vulnerable children, youth and families. Benefits to volunteers include a chance to socialize and interact with children, become a part of the fabric of the schools, and really support skill development and the love of reading. Criminal record check is required.

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